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Wayfyndr was founded in 2020 to reimagine and reinvigorate the fan experience – to provide a more intimate and substantial connection between brands and supporters pre, during, and post-event.

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Over the years, we had attended a plethora of events and venues–sporting, corporate conferences, expos, music festivals, etc. Time after time, we found ourselves disappointed at the lack of innovation and attention placed on the guest experience. The simple things, like finding the nearest burger and beer, restroom, ATM, coffee shop, parking lot, and so on, were constantly overlooked.

It wasn’t until attending an NBA game in early 2020, while waiting in queue for an entire half-time break, that the pin finally dropped. At that moment, without a beer in-hand, we decided to create a game day application that would keep “fans in the stands” by streamlining, simplifying, and enhancing the pre, during and post-event experience.

Collectively bringing 20+ years technology, design, brand, and marketing experience to the table, we got cracking on a new kind of fan engagement and venue mapping platform. One that would truly put the fan in control. And just like that, Wayfyndr was born.

Wayfyndr About Portland Timbers
Wayfyndr About Portland Timbers
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