Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

Kicking Goals with the Portland Timbers Learn How

February 9

Elevating Game Day: The Power of Small Fan Experiences

Fans enjoying the fan experience at a college football game

Gameday experiences go far beyond the action on the field; they encompass the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and the memorable moments that fans carry with them long after the final whistle. While the main event may be the focal point, creating numerous small fan experiences can significantly enhance the overall enjoyment of the day. In this post, we’ll explore how the magic lies in the details, and how prioritizing small, meaningful interactions can transform an ordinary gameday into an unforgettable memory.

Personalization and Connection:

One of the key benefits of incorporating small fan experiences is the ability to personalize interactions. Fans love to feel a connection to their favorite team and or player, and by providing tailored moments, teams can forge a deeper bond with their supporters. Whether it’s personalized shout-outs on the jumbotron, birthday messages, in-game giveaways, or meet-and-greets with players, these small gestures contribute to a sense of community and fandom, making fans feel like an integral part of the game day festivities.

Interactive Zones and Activities:

Beyond the game itself, creating interactive zones and activities adds an extra layer of entertainment, and can help lure fans on-site sooner and for longer. Set up fan zones with games, challenges, and photo opportunities. Incorporate virtual reality experiences that allow fans to feel closer to the action. These interactive elements not only engage fans of all ages but also extend the excitement well beyond the actual game time. 

Equally as important as the activity itself, however, is ensuring your supporters are aware of what’s on, when it’s on, and where it’ll be offered. Interactive gameday resources like Wayfyndr give teams and venues an effective way to create and share detailed gameday timelines and schedules well in advance of an event. These tools empower fans to plan ahead, removing gameday stress and anxiety (for those of you with kids, you get it!), ensuring your supporters get the most from their visit.

Hassle-Free Parking:

While it may not be an exciting element of gameday, a hassle-free parking experience ensures fans begin their journey to a venue on a positive note, minimizing stress and frustration associated with searching for a parking spot. When parking is well-organized, clearly marked and communicated, and easily accessible, fans can focus their energy on the excitement of the upcoming game rather than the challenges of navigating to/from parking lots. Here’s some easy ways to improve the parking experience:

  • Provide clear traffic-flow and routing maps via gameday apps
  • Offer quick links to popular mapping solutions such as Waze or Maps to provide fans turn-by-turn directions 
  • Integrate smart-parking technology into your gameday tech-stack to help fans identify available parking spaces in real-time, reducing congestion and facilitating a smoother arrival process
  • Designated entry points and security checks at strategic locations
  • Clearly identify accessible parking options for those fans needing additional assistance
  • Provide fans a way to get personalized parking recommendations based on seating location and suggested entry gate

Fan Involvement in Pre-Game, In-Game, and Post-Game Rituals:

Gameday rituals are sacred to sports fans. Involve them in these rituals by allowing select fans to participate in pregame ceremonies, such as the coin toss or flag-raising. Recognizing and celebrating fan loyalty in this way elevates the emotional connection between the team and its supporters.

Additionally, providing opportunities for fans to be featured on videoboards, live streams, and post-game media is another great way to solicit fan involvement and strengthen the fan-team connection.

Image below via SBJ.

Fans featured on a videoboard jumbotron

Limited-Edition Merchandise, Giveaways and Promotions:

Exclusive merchandise and giveaways can generate buzz and excitement among fans. Limited-edition items or free giveaways build anticipation and provide tangible mementos for attendees to cherish. From commemorative posters to team-branded merchandise, these small tokens add a special touch to the overall experience. 

Take this one step further by incorporating gamification into your giveaways. For example, running a promotion or giveaway for the first 100 fans to find a location within your stadium using your digital mapping platform and a series of clues. Holla at us to learn how Wayfndr can help with this.

Sponsorship activation companies like SQWAD are another great way to help generate fan excitement and participation, using low-lift activations to engage and entertain fans, while helping your sponsors speak to supporters in a meaningful and memorable way.

Enhanced Concession Stand Experience:

Transform the mundane task of buying snacks into an enjoyable experience. Offer specialty food and drink items themed around the team, and consider collaborating with local vendors to provide unique culinary options. The addition of themed concession stands or exclusive discounts for season ticket holders enhances the overall game day atmosphere.

Ensuring fans can browse menus and locate concessions on gameday is equally as important. With a dedicated venue mapping solution, you can ensure fans don’t waste valuable game time walking your concourse, standing in lines, or deliberating cuisine choices. Instead, empower fans to order from their seats with mobile ordering and efficient pick-up. With Wayfyndr, you can integrate with your existing POS to dynamically generate and manage concession menus, linking through to mobile ordering when available. 

Fan viewing a menu on Wayfyndr

Social Media Engagement:

Harnessing the power of social media is crucial in today’s digital age. Encourage fans to share their experiences by creating unique hashtags and organizing contests for the best posts. Feature fan content on big screens during breaks, fostering a sense of community and showcasing the diverse ways individuals celebrate an event.

In conclusion, the magic of gameday lies in the multitude of small fan experiences that collectively contribute to a memorable and immersive event. Teams that invest in the small details – improved convenience, dedicated venue mapping, personalization, interactivity, social media engagement, limited-edition merchandise, parking, and enhanced concession experiences, just to name a few – will undoubtedly see an improvement in fan satisfaction. By focusing on these details, teams can create a sense of belonging and loyalty among fans that extends far beyond the confines of the stadium, turning each game day into a cherished and unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking to optimize, streamline and enhance your sofa-to-seat fan experience, drop us a line and find out how Wayfyndr can help.