July 22

Wayfyndr is reimagining the fan experience

How Wayfyndr is elevating the fan experience

It’s time to reimagine the in-stadium fan experience–to amplify the passion fans have for live sports and events and make their return to the stands effortless.

Advances in content streaming and social media have provided the modern sports enthusiast with many more options to connect with their favorite sporting event beyond the traditional stadium experience. As competition for the entertainment budget of sports fans increases, it’s vital that stadiums and sporting organizations evolve their offerings to provide an unparalleled experience that cannot be duplicated by any other medium.

According to research by Oracle:

  • 45% of fans had abandoned concession lines without making a purchase because lines are too long.
  • 74% of fans would pick up an order from an express line at a concession stand.
  • 64% of fans said they would “probably use” or “definitely use” in-seat ordering if available at their stadium.

What’s the solution? Provide timely, content rich communications to your stadium visitors via a single source of truth that can be easily accessed directly on their mobile devices. And here’s the kicker….they can access it without having to download an app! Thats right, by offering a web-based application you make it quick and easy for fans to get the information they want and need.

Wayfyndr was conceived to elevate fan engagement pre, during, and post-event by simplifying the way fans plan, explore, and enhance gameday. It’s like a digital attendant that informs and guides fans not just on gameday, but well before they arrive, removing any friction points that could be a deterrent from attendance. Check out the full feature set here.

Wayfyndr Concessions

It’s obvious that Wayfyndr serves the fans, but what does it mean for brands? Wayfyndr helps maximize revenue opportunities within essential profit centers such as tickets, concessions and merchandise.

An emphasis on brand engagement transitions casual spectators into dedicated fans, helping to increase their lifetime value. In addition, Wayfyndr provides brands a vehicle to drive incremental game day revenue with in-app advertising, sponsorship, and promotion opportunities.

Wayfyndr provides organizations and brands a centralized platform to connect with their fans on game day. Post pandemic, teams should be looking for ways to strengthen the connection with their fans. It’s about getting fans from their sofa to the stadium with minimal friction to provide maximum satisfaction.

With sporting and music events starting to reemerge after being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wayfyndr has the ability to greet returning fans with an entirely new experience at their favorite stadiums and venues.

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45% of fans had abandoned concession lines without making a purchase because lines are too long.